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The history of the JSC “Floreni” farm had begun in 1972 under the name of Chisinau Poultry Farm.

In 2000 the factory was privatized and reconstructed into joint-stock company “Floreni”. At the end of 2010 the majority shareholder of the company was changed. This was an impetus for the commissioning of new areas for broiler-chickens growing, extension and modernization of the slaughterhouse. As a result the quality of products under “Floreni” trademark increased. Since that time the company has mainly set a course for the distribution of its chilled products through its own corporate chain in Chisinau and throughout Moldova.

The company has in its ownership three large areas in the Floreni, Tintareni and Salcia villages. The total volume of effectively used production areas is about 105,000 square meters. The company grows up to 16 million broiler-chickens a year that allows producing and selling more than 1 500 tons of output products per month.

2012 The company was awarded a grant for co-financing facility application from The Government of the Republic of Moldova, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova, and Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Moldova, with the financial support of the World Bank.

2012 Participation in the "Brand of the Year" awards and winning of the silver medal in the “customers’ acceptance" nomination, "food products" category.

2013 Participation in the "Brand of the Year" awards in the "food products" category, "Favorite of the Year" nomination. The company was granted the highest professional award - “The Golden Mercury” statue.

2014 The company was granted “The Golden Mercury” award again. This valued award is the merit of the whole team, it confirms the high level of professionalism of our employees.

Nowadays there are approximately 1000 employees working on the factory. In 2014 the sales volume was 12 500 tones of output products that was equal to 410 million MDL. JSC "Floreni“ is surely heading for a stable and dynamic development